Window Film Benefits for St. Louis Properties

Window film offers exclusive benefits for residential and commercial properties throughout the St. Louis metro area. Find creative solutions for improving property dysfunction, saving money, heightening the guest experience, and much more. Learn about all the incredible advantages that window film has to offer your property:

energy efficient window film st louis

Heat and Energy Savings

Improve your property’s energy efficiency with our comprehensive energy-saving solutions. Address solar heat gain, improve insulation on your existing glass, and enjoy a complete return on your ROI within three years with our leading window film investments.

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uv blocking window film st louis

UV and Fade Protection

UV radiation can fade flooring, discolor furniture, warp art, and pose significant health risks for building occupants. Window film offers a highly effective solution for blocking out up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Protect building occupant health while protecting your expensive belongings without compromising natural sunlight in your property.

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decorative branding window film st louis

Decorative and Promotional

Decorative window film provides endless creative opportunities for homes and businesses throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Find cost-effective alternatives to frosted glass, etched glass, and other premium custom offerings. Businesses can utilize these highly customizable options for visual branding and marketing tools for attracting new clients, improving the guest experience, and more.

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safety and security window film st louis

Safety and Security

Enjoy a comprehensive safety and security solution for residential and commercial properties throughout the St. Louis area with window film. This durable film solution provides comprehensive protection against break-ins, burglary, vandalism, severe weather, natural disasters, and more. Enjoy an invisible barrier for protecting building occupants and treasured belongings.

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bomb blast protection window film st louis

Bomb Blast Protection

Bomb blast security film offers a specialty security solution for defending against high-impact events like natural disasters and explosions. Prevent glass hazards from impacting your commercial property, helping protect building occupants and your expensive belongings.

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privacy window film st louis


From exterior privacy tinting to interior privacy solutions, window film offers a wide scope of options for creating better privacy among homes and businesses. Window film offers great privacy solutions that maintain optically clear views out while blocking views from the outside.

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glare reduction window film st louis (2)

Glare Reduction

Glare can cause serious discomfort among residential and commercial properties. Traditional glare reduction solutions often block sunlight and aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Glare reduction window film maintains natural sunlight while helping reduce the appearance of glare during screen viewing activities.

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anti graffiti surface film st louis


Keep your expensive surfaces in the best, most presentable condition possible with anti-graffiti surface film. Available for mirrored, metal, and glass surfaces, businesses can utilize this sacrificial film for concealing existing damage while defending against vandalism and daily wear and tear.

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dinoc surface film st louis

Updating Surfaces

Surface film options like DI-NOC are an affordable way to update your existing interior surfaces within commercial properties. Mimic the authentic look of a wide variety of stunning surfaces like marble, wood, and more for transforming your interior and improving the guest experience.

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exterior building wrap st louis

Exterior Building Wraps

Exterior building wraps help St. Louis businesses make the most out of their commercial real estate. With the ability to adhere to numerous surfaces including textured ones like brick, exterior building wraps can showcase virtually any graphics you’re looking for. Promote upcoming events, improve brand visibility, and much more.

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ballistic resistant window film st louis

Ballistic Resistance

For premium security needs, ballistic resistant window film delivers high impact resistance against a variety of threats. Enjoy protection from natural disasters, break-ins, bomb blasts, and gunfire.

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exterior resurfacing window film st louis

Exterior Refinishing

Renovations for commercial properties can be especially expensive and require significant operational downtime. Exterior refinishing incorporates exterior surface films and spandrel painting for an updated, modern look at a more affordable price. Enjoy quick installations and a creative solution for updating outdated and damaged windows.

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elevator resurfacing film st louis

Elevator Refinishing

Elevators can be very costly to repair even when it comes to cosmetic damage. Metal Shield offers an affordable alternative for refinishing elevators, helping property owners save money and cut down operational downtime. Conceal existing damage while protecting against new damage.

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mirror refinishing st louis

Mirror Refinishing

Mirror refinishing offers an affordable alternative for mirror replacement. Instead of spending thousands to repair your commercial property’s expensive mirrors, surface film can be used to conceal scratches, chips, and more.

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bird strike prevention window film st louis

Bird Strike Prevention

Keep birds from flying into your home or business’ windows with bird strike prevention window film. This fritted window film delivers a solution to help promote bird conservation while lowering your maintenance needs.

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st louis window film contractor

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