When you think of window films, you likely associate them with solar control or energy efficiency. Window film does work great for those applications. However, it is also remarkable for so much more, like festive window decorating. 

Modern decorative films are highly customizable and perfect for adding holiday flare to your St. Louis home. Plus, they work on any flat surface and are easily removable. So, you can get as creative anywhere in your home this holiday season. Read below for ideas!

Decorative Window Film To Create A Faux-Stained Glass Look

Stained glass is lovely but expensive. Decorative window film is less expensive and can easily be added to your windows with a stained glass look. This type of display is best for those who want a traditional holiday theme. Religious holiday scenes look great done in a stained glass style, as well as old-fashioned iconography.

Decorative Window Film for Adding Holiday Decals to Doors or Windows

The glass doors and windows of your home are perfect pallets for holiday decorating. Decorative window film is the way to add this flare without permanently changing the glass. It comes in several bright colors to really make your St. Louis windows stand out to neighbors and guests. If you cannot think of a decorative window film display, don’t worry, our designers are happy to work with you on a custom design.

Decorative Window Film for Adding Winter Snow

Snow over the holiday is always wonderful but not always possible in St. Louis. However, with decorative window film, you can have wintery windows, even if there is no snow outside. Our decorative films come in many frosted finishes that can be customized to make your home look like a winter wonderland. In fact, you might like it so much that you keep it up all winter long!

The only limitation with decorative window film is truly your imagination.  Contact us for more holiday window film ideas for your St. Louis home.