If you live in the US, your utilities will cost 17% more this winter. The combination of colder-than-average temperatures and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused prices to rise. St. Louis is not exempt from these increasing rates. If residents here want to save on energy bills, now is the time to start conserving energy by taking small steps like window film installation. Not only does it have a return on investment in 3 years, but it also provides other benefits for St. Louis homeowners.

How Window Film Saves Money

The architectural window films we apply to homes in this St. Louis come in several layers of PET. It is sometimes embedded with materials like ceramics, depending on its function. The film is typically invisible and does things like block UV rays or glare, but it excels at saving St. Louis homeowners money- see how below.

Window Film Keeps Heat Inside In Winter

Heating your home in winter takes up a lot of energy, and often most of it goes to waste. In fact, about 30% of the heat created in homes escapes through the windows. By using window film, you can greatly reduce how much heated air escapes, which will save you money each month on your energy bill.

Window Film is Less Expensive Than Window Replacement

Though chances of saving on energy bills rise with new windows, they come at a high price. A much cheaper and practical solution is a window film that provides equal or more benefits than new windows–and aster results, too, with an ROI in as little as three years.

Window Film Protects Harwood Floors, Furniture, and Upholstery From Sun Damage 

Home furnishings, carpets, and hardwood floors can be expensive to purchase and maintain. One of the leading causes of damage to these items is exposure to UV rays from the sun. In fact, 40-60% of home furnishing damage is due to this type of exposure. By installing window tints, you can protect your investment by blocking out harmful UV rays. This will prolong the life of your furnishings and reduce replacement costs over time.

Window Film Contractor in this St. Louis

If you’re wanting to keep your energy bills low this winter, contact us today. We are the area’s leading window film contractor. Once you call us, one of our experts will come out to your location and give you a free quote. And if you like what you hear, we can install money-saving window film that same day!