If you’re seeking an attractive, affordable alternative to traditional blinds and curtains, consider getting a privacy window film for your St Louis home. Privacy window films not only look stylish but are also relatively low-maintenance. Let’s discuss some of the best options to impart a modern touch to your personal space.


Modern Privacy Window Film Styles & Options

Privacy window film cannot only add seclusion to your home, but can also make your place look super classy. Here are some privacy film options that are popular in 2022!


Gradient Window Film 

Gradient designs are the latest trend in privacy window films. These window films exhibit an attractive gradient design on the glass, making it less transparent and more privacy. These films come in multiple colors, styles, and options. In fact, you can even customize a gradient film to your unique preferences.


Theme-Based Window Film

Like theme-based wallpapers, one can also opt for theme-based privacy window film in St. Louis. St Louis homes are known for their modern, attractive interiors. Therefore, theme-based window films will perfectly suit their aesthetic. Opt for a jungle theme, oceanic theme, a specific color scheme, or whatever you desire. 


Frosted Window Film

Installing frosted window film is an excellent way to separate different sections of a home. Frosted films will help you maintain privacy without compromising aesthetics. These window films have a very upscale, elegant look and can match a variety of decorative styles. You can get them in different colors and opacities, so it’s easy to achieve whatever effect or look you’re going for!



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