Here in St Louis, we get some pretty extreme weather from time to time. While it is true that most of the time it is lovely here–the weather can be downright dangerous at other times. This is why 3M window film (which protects windows from shattering into lethal shards when broken) is a smart way to keep your St Louis home safe from all sorts of severe weather.

Types of Weather Safety Window Film Protects From

  1. Security Film For Protection From Debris: Here in St Louis we are in “Tornado Alley” This is why St Louis gets a lot of intense storms. This means flying debris is a very real threat. Windows treated with 3M security films and C-bond adhesive are stronger and more flexible. Even if they do break–the glass will stay intact. This causes less damage to your home’s interiors and the people you love inside.
  2. Security Film For Protection From Hail: Hail in St Louis can be rough. It comes in without warning and destroys everything in its path: cars, roofs, plants, and windows. This is a good reason why homeowners here should treat their home windows with 3M security film. It gives glass the strength and flexibility to make them resistant to hail. Even when shattered by hail–glass shards will stay adhered to the film–protecting you, your family and home.
  3. Security Film For Intense Heat and UV: Weather protection with security film includes protection from heat and UV rays. Here in St Louis, the UV rays are constant during the summer. 3M window film, which is made to protect from impact on glass, also gives UV protection too. It is an added layer of insulation that traps in cooled and warmed air in your St Louis home. Plus it blocks UV rays. Here in sunny St Louis, this protection is critical to the health of your family and furnishings.

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