Windows are often the culprit behind high energy costs. If you’ve recently seen an increase in your energy expenses or your utility bill seems larger than it should be, it’s likely that you’re dealing with inefficient windows.

Property owners often assume that the only way to solve this issue is to replace old windows. But in historic buildings, where the goal is the preservation of the original structures and architectural, this may not be ideal.

That’s where window film can help. Window films can help St. Louis historic buildings become more energy efficient without window replacement.


Cost Effectiveness of Window Film

One of the reasons that makes window film an excellent alternative to replacing windows in old buildings is that it’s much more cost-effective. Windows are expensive. And if you’re looking to replace several square feet of glass, that could mean shelling out thousands of dollars.

Window laminates, on the other hand, are much more affordable. And the ROI is far superior too. While new windows take decades to pay off, the ROI from window film can be experienced as quickly as 3 years.


New Windows Might Not Be as Good

Another reason to avoid replacing windows in old buildings is the quality of the window frame. Most windows today are made with vinyl. Vinyl may be cheaper than the wood frames used back in the day, but it’s not nearly as insulating. So before you throw out your old wooden windows, you may want to take this into consideration.


Benefits of Window Film for Historic Buildings

An improvement in energy efficiency isn’t the only good reason to consider window film for St. Louis historic buildings. There are other benefits too like:

  • UV protection for antique furniture, artwork, and old wood floors
  • Better comfort year round due to improved insulation
  • Preserves the original architecture and character of the building

For more details on the benefits, check out this case study: case-study-window-film-st-louis-historic-building


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