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Premium Window Film Solutions for St. Louis Secured Buildings

Secured properties like jails, prisons, military bases, banks, and data centers will always have different building requirements when compared to other properties. In order to ensure your secured building checks all the boxes, you’ll need premium security solutions as well as other adaptive strategies. Window film offers numerous ways to help secured properties throughout the St. Louis metro area. We proudly provide countless options when it comes to keeping your secured building up to code.

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The Exclusive Benefits of Window Film for Your St. Louis Secured Building

Window film delivers a wealth of benefits for banks, data centers, prisons, jails, and other secured buildings, including:

Ballistic Resistance

Ballistic-resistant window film provides the utmost protection against gunfire, explosions, and other high-impact events. This premium solution is more cost-effective than bulletproof glass, offering a great option for secured properties across St. Louis.

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Bomb Blast Protection

Another premium specialty security film option available is bomb blast protection. Bomb blast protection defends against natural disasters, explosions, and more. It differs from ballistic-resistant window film as it won’t protect against gunfire.

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Keep your secured building private by blocking unwanted views into your property. Privacy window tinting and interior decorative privacy film offer a wide scope of solutions for ensuring proper privacy and seclusion when you need it.

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