drywired nanotint window film st louis

St. Louis’ Premier Drywired Liquid NanoTint Contractor

St. Louis Window Film is honored to provide Drywired Liquid NanoTint services for St. Louis homes and businesses. Drywired Liquid NanoTint delivers an alternative to traditional dark window films. This non-RF blocking substance provides durable thermal insulation that coats your glass for blocking infrared heat and UV radiation. Liquid NanoTint applied 100% optically clear and doesn’t obstruct visible light or RF frequencies. This innovative solution is great for a wide variety of commercial properties including military bases, airports, police stations, and other buildings that require radio transmissions.


drywired nanotint st louis

About Drywired Liquid NanoTint

Drywired Liquid NanoTint offers thermal insulation coating that’s available in a clear liquid form that can be applied to glass and various polycarbonate surfaces to improve UV protection and energy efficiency. While traditional window film and window tints often reduce light and impact the appearance of the glass, Liquid NanoTint provides optical clarity. Enjoy a 100% crystal clear appearance with this product.


Drywired Liquid NanoTint Benefits for St. Louis Properties

Liquid NanoTint provides an ideal solution for optimal energy efficiency without impacting natural light transmissions and the views from the inside out. This product is perfect for more difficult applications including bent glass, skylights, textured glass, and hard-to-reach windows.

  • Blocks up to 95% of infrared heat while allowing 90% of visible light transmissions
  • Rejects up to 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays
  • Doesn’t crack, peel, or fade for up to a decade
  • Doesn’t impact radio transmission frequencies
  • Offers year-round climate control and energy efficiency
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St. Louis Window Film is honored to be the leading Drywired Liquid NanoTint window film contractor serving the state of Missouri. Our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect investment for improving your space. Schedule your free consultation today!