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Window Film FAQ for St. Louis Commercial Properties

When you decide to invest in window film for your commercial property, you can enjoy a wide scope of benefits ranging from saving money to achieving your property goals. From heightening your brand and marketing visibility to protecting your expensive merchandise from harmful UV rays, window film has exclusive advantages you can benefit from. These creative, advanced solutions serve a variety of purposes across numerous industries located throughout the St. Louis area. We’ve compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions so that commercial property owners can make the most informed decisions on their upcoming project.

commercial window film faq st louis

Commercial Window Film for Your St. Louis Property – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I match window film that’s already been installed on my property?

In cases of vandalism, breakage, etc. window film replacement will be required for new glass installations. This can be tough for property owners to find an accurate match on their own. Working with a professional window film contractor can help you discover window film matching services to ensure a seamless installation.

Can window film be removed? Can it be updated?

Yes, window film can be easily removed and replaced by a professional window film contractor. It’s applied with a tamperproof adhesive that can’t be removed by the general public. Window film can be updated and switched out for both short-term and long-term goals.

Can window film help my commercial property with LEED certification?

Yes, window film can count towards your LEED certification for commercial properties. Our LEED-certified contractors are happy to provide energy audits and help you achieve your energy-saving goals.

Do I qualify for utility rebates if I install window film?

This is dependent on your area and utility company- some companies do offer discounts and rebates, making it importation to check with your local utility company to discover any saving opportunities.

Does commercial window film come under warranty?

Yes, manufacturers offer warranties on all of their window film products. Additionally, we have a limited workmanship warranty for all of our installations as well.

I need a privacy solution that doesn’t impact my views from the inside out- is this available?

Yes, there are numerous privacy window films and window tints that block unwanted views into your property without compromising the views out. We’re happy to show you the different options available.

How long does window film last on commercial properties?

Most commercial window film lasts between seven and 10 years but can experience a longer lifespan with proper maintenance and care. Safety and security window film products will last the lifetime of your windows and glass doors.

window film faq st louis commercial

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