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The Window Film Installation Process for St. Louis Properties

As the leading window film contractor serving the St. Louis metropolitan area, we’ve created an effective, proprietary process when it comes to window film installation. Through our many years of installing window film for both residential and commercial properties, we’ve developed a signature process for quick, efficient, and convenient installs. Our time-tested process helps ensure maximum product long, valid manufacturer warranties, and a seamless installation so you can start enjoying the benefits of your investment as soon as possible.

window film installation st louis

The Window Film Installation Process for St. Louis Residential and Commercial Properties

Learn more about our window film process for your home or business.

Step One: Window Film Consultation

For commercial consultations, one of our contractors will perform an on-site consultation in order to learn more about your property concerns and goals. With any decorative or security projects, we’ll want to do a deeper assessment in order to work with our design team for custom decorative printing or with our security team to complete a premium safety assessment. After the initial consultation, we’ll be able to provide our scope of commercial solutions.

For residential consultations, our contractor meets you at your home with the majority of our products on hand. Unless you’re looking for custom decorative options, we can usually perform residential installations and consultations during the same appointment. During the initial walkthrough, our contractor will examine all of the windows you’d like to have film installed and may take some initial measurements. Then they’ll show you different samples for your approval.

Step Two: Window Film Preparation

For commercial projects, we’ll clean all of your windows for applications with a razor blade and proprietary process. We always ensure that you’re happy and have signed off on custom decorative designs or whatever product you’ve decided to have installed. If you require other special needs like certain security clearance and background checks for our installers, we make sure to provide all of this information during preparation.

For residential projects, we’ll clean all of your windows with a razor blade and our proprietary process. Since we bring our materials with us, we’re able to make custom product cuts to fit each window as we install. This ensures minimal wasted product while streamlining the installation process for better convenience and time management. We’ll make sure you’ve signed off on which products are installed on which windows and get started.

Step Three: Window Film Installation

During installation, we measure the window and make corresponding cuts for custom applications. We ensure all surfaces have been properly cleaned during the preparation stage. We utilize C-Bond as a window film primer in order to strengthen both the glass as well as the window film product. This also offers the benefit of quicker cure times and better adhesion over time.


Once installation is complete, please do not clean your windows for 30 days and do not try popping any bubbles. Window film requires time to cure and any disturbance can impact the integrity of your film. Bubbles can occur during the natural drying process- never pop these bubbles as they can also impact your window film performance. Please contact us immediately if this occurs.

window film installation process st louis

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