Bomb Blast Film For St. Louis Buildings, Venues, and Public Spaces

St. Louis is a beautiful midwest city that is great for raising families and starting businesses. However, like many thriving metropolises in the US–it could be a target for terrorism. Therefore, building owners/operators need to plan for events of this nature and protect their spaces against these tragic events. Bomb attacks are one type of threat to commercial or public buildings. One way to protect against this type of devastation is bomb blast window film. This technology, specialty frames, and advanced adhesives all work together to secure places like lobbies and glass foyers from the explosion of glass during these events. In fact, window film in coordination with C-Bond adhesives makes the glass more flexible on a molecular level. Another great thing about bomb blast window fi is that it is an affordable solution to the threat of bomb attacks in St. Louis. The weakest security point of any structure’s security is its windows. Window film shores them up and gives you peace of mind in doing so. Window films, frames, and adhesives are incredibly advanced tools for protection against bombs and will be your first/best defense. Not only do they reduce collateral damage but save lives too. 

Protect Your St. Louis Property And The People Who Use It With Bomb Blast Window Film

If you are a building owner or operator in the St. Louis area, preventing and minimizing collateral human damage from a bomb attack should be a high priority. As you well know, bomb attacks do not happen often but they wreak havoc when they do. Reinforcing the most vulnerable part of your building, your windows, with bomb blast-resistant window film, is a solid line of defense. It is a way to protect your St. Louis building and its occupants. While there is no such thing as bomb-proof glass, bomb-resistant window film is about as close as you can get. It will withstand the impact of very powerful bombs and save lives in the process.

Bomb Blast Window Film to Protect Against Bomb Attacks

As attacks from bombs begin to rise–the need for bomb blast window film increases. Almost anyone motivated enough to do so can make one with info from the internet. This puts our St. Louis properties, people, and way of life” at risk. Business owners, public entities, and government structures are potential places for this type of attack and therefore must stay one step ahead. Since these attacks are well planned out to do the most damage–the response must also be well-planned. The goal of terrorists is to make people afraid of random violence. Rather than live in fear, a good plan is to reinforce your glass windows with a proven technology–bomb blast resistant window film. It is a proven technology and keeps glass shrapnel in place after an explosion which reduces injuries, harm, and collateral damage to your St. Louis location.

High-risk targets include:

  • Transit hubs
  • Secure buildings
  • Schools  
  • Sports Arenas

Other commercial and public spots where bomb protection may be need include places like financial institutions, data centers, and corporate headquarters. These are high-visibility targets for terrorists therefore very attractive to terrorists.

Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Accidental Explosions

Besides terror attacks, there are actually other reasons to have bomb blast window film installed. These types of films are also implemented in industrial applications where volatile chemicals or materials are used. So, bomb blast window film can also be used to prevent damage from an accidental explosion too. Even though Industrial accidents/ accidental aren’t intentional, they do happen regularly and can be just as devastating as a terrorist attack.

The type of space that needs blast protection include: 

  • Industrial facilities
  • Labs
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Government Defense Test Sites

Locations like these work with things that are volatile and dangerous. This is why bomb-resistant window film is solid protection for spaces of this nature. The film helps to reduce the damages done in the event of an explosion and hopefully prevent it from being devastating. It is an excellent layer of protection for both workers inside and those close to these structures too. It keeps the blast contained and flying glass shards from becoming dangerous shrapnel should something detonate or explode accidentally.

St. Louis’s Bomb Blast Window Film Experts

Here at St. Louis Window film, we make a living protecting St. Louis residents from various threats. Bombs and explosions are just a few of them. After nearly two decades in the window film industry, we are experts in bomb blast window film application and more. So, whether you are trying to protect the people inside and outside of your building from a bomb blast, or employees from intruders, or your office workers from UV radiation we are the window film contractors to call. For more information on the process, products and pricing, contact St. Louis Window Film for a free, on-site consultation with one of our window film experts