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Window Film Alternatives for St. Louis Properties

Window film delivers an incredible scope of benefits for residential and commercial properties. From unique, custom printed graphics to leading energy-saving solutions, window film can provide a cost-effective way to make your property more functional and comfortable. We stand behind our products and truly believe that they can serve virtually any property type while helping improve your quality of living. When it comes to window film alternatives for St. Louis properties, we’re happy to discuss the pros and cons in order to help you make the most informed decision for your upcoming investment. Learn more about the cost-benefit analysis between window film and the alternative products available on the market.

window film benefits st louis

Window Film vs. Window Film Alternatives

Window film has an exclusive range of benefits when compared to the other available options on the market. This affordable investment provides considerable savings and advantages that any property owner can benefit from.

Comparing Window Film and its Alternatives

  • Energy savings: Window film is renowned for its energy-efficient properties. It provides insulation while blocking out solar heat gain, delivers a cost-effective option, as well as quick installations. Window replacement is significantly more expensive and requires operational downtime in order to install. Traditional window treatments don’t have the same aesthetics and also require manual operation. Window film can help achieve similar results but with lower maintenance and affordability.
  • Glare reduction: Window film can significantly lower glare in order to make screen-viewing activities more comfortable. Traditional window treatments block natural sunlight in order to achieve this while window film allows you to maintain light transmissions. It can keep your windows optically clear while effectively reducing glare, making it ideal for office spaces and storefronts.
  • UV protection: Block out 99% of harmful UV rays with UV protection window film. This effective film provides invisible protection without blocking out natural sunlight. Traditional window treatments can be problematic for certain industries and require premium upgrades in terms of finances.
  • Decorative and frosted: Decorative and frosted glass can cost a fortune to install in residential or commercial properties in St. Louis. Decorative film provides an easy, affordable alternative that’s versatile enough for both short-term and long-term projects. Marketing and branding efforts can be capitalized with window film.
  • Safety and security: Security bars always draw negative attention and can give customers and guests the wrong impression of your property. Safety glass windows are available at a premium price. Property owners can take advantage of safety and security window film for comprehensive protection against numerous threats. This can also be used to transform annealed glass into tempered glass for updated property code adherence.

Window film delivers numerous benefits that can help you with your property goals. Regardless of what type of property you have or what industry you’re in, window film can provide a great ROI and solve property dysfunction.

window film alternative benefits st louis

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