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Incredible UV Blocking Window Film Solutions for St. Louis Properties

Nothing is as comforting as the sun’s warm embrace, especially after a long winter or several days of rain. But just like your skin, your property needs protection from the sun to protect it from damaging ultraviolet radiation. By installing UV protection window film for your St. Louis home or business, you can keep your property in good condition and looking its best. UV and fade protection window film accomplishes what blinds, curtains, and other window treatments cannot – 24/7 UV defense with zero reduction in natural light transmission.

uv blocking window film st louis

Get Protection Equivalent to SPF 1000

If you’re like most people, you probably take advantage of every opportunity you can to draw back the blinds and let the sun into your interior. When there’s good weather, you want to enjoy it, even if you have to do it from indoors. But when you expose your floors, furniture, artwork, and skin to all that sun, you’re opening up a serious can of worms. Sunlight contains uv rays that cause fading, warping, premature aging, and health issues. UV protection window film solves this issue because it allows you to enjoy natural sunlight without consequences. Think of it as wrapping your windows in an invisible shield with SPF 1000. With window film, you can kiss your worries about uv exposure goodbye!

uv fade protection window film st louis

Powerful Fade Protection for Your St. Louis Property

UV rays are always present, even though we can’t see them. Yet, all the time, we’re carelessly inviting them into our homes when we open up the blinds or curtains. Over time, you will start to notice the effects of UV exposure in your furniture and flooring. They will lose their vibrant appearance and fade quickly. This damage cannot be reversed, which means you’ll have to replace your belongings over and over, an expense which adds up quickly. By installing UV blocking window film for your St. Louis property, you can keep ultraviolet radiation out of your space and protect your belongings from the sun.

  • Blocks 99.9% of UV rays without blocking visible light
  • Preserves the vibrancy and like-new condition of furniture
  • Stops hardwood floors and artwork from fading and losing color
uv protection window film st louis

Prioritize Your Health & Well-Being

The cost of UV damage goes beyond ruined furniture. UV rays can also cost you your health. UV radiation is notorious for having negative impacts on human health. Over exposure can lead to a decline in the health of major biological systems, including the immune system, integumentary system, and digestive system. By installing UV protection window tint, you can guard yourself as well as the people you care about from these vicious rays of light.

  • Helps to prevent skin cancer, sunspots, and premature aging
  • Protects your eyes from UV rays, reducing the risk of eye disease
  • Prevents the onset of UV related health problems such as immune system suppression, erythema, cataracts, and more
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Work With St. Louis’ Preferred UV Blocking Window Film Expert

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