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St. Louis’ Preferred Hanita Coatings Window Film Contractor

St. Louis Window Film is honored to be the preferred Hanita Coatings window film contractor serving the St. Louis metropolitan area. We carry the entire line from Hanita Coatings for both residential and commercial projects. Enjoy a wide variety of benefits ranging from energy efficiency to privacy. These innovative, effective window film products are ideal for any property owner looking to improve property function and comfort.

hanita coatings window film st louis

Hanita SolarZone Window Film

Hanita SolarZone window film products provide an eco-friendly solution for addressing energy efficiency. Enjoy leading UV protection and solar heat gain properties. These window film solutions can provide optimal comfort and energy savings for any property type.

  • Reject solar heat gain, reduce glare, and block UV radiation
  • Lower air conditioning costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce cooling times by up to 34%


Hanita SafetyZone Window FIlm

Hanita SafetyZone window film delivers a thick, protective layer for your existing glass surfaces to help defend against a variety of threats including natural disasters and break-ins. Developed from top-grade polyester and premium adhesives, these window film solutions provide high-end security and protection.

  • Keeps shattered glass in place to minimize the risk of injury
  • Protects against high-impact events like natural disasters, blasts, and more
  • Invisible protection


Hanita Decorative Window FIlm

Hanita decorative window film delivers a premium decorative film product for providing high-definition graphics and beautiful designs for your home or business. Printed utilizing a unique process, these specialty films showcase incredible graphic charity and outstanding vivid colors.

  • Create high-definition, sharp graphics for decorative design
  • Enjoy long-lasting color and durability
  • Diffuse light transmission and create better privacy

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