Distraction Markers For St. Louis Commercial Spaces

In some cities, it is the law for businesses to add distraction markers to their glass. Distraction markers are decorative window film that makes areas of transparent glass more visible and prevents people from walking into them unintentionally and injuring themselves. These films can be added to any glass surface in St. Louis commercial spaces for increased safety but they have a lot of other benefits too.

Distraction Markers for Safety

The most important advantage of using distraction markers is safety.  It decreases the chances of someone accidentally walking into a glass feature in commercial spaces.  Glass walls have become a very popular feature in offices so, the danger of someone walking into the clear glass without realizing has increased too. Not only will decorative distraction markers limit the cost of repairs but more importantly, save employees, clients, or guests from devastating harm.

Distraction Markers Branding

Companies looking to get ahead know the power of branding.  Distraction markers while primarily used for safety are also a way of making your St. Louis space stand out.  They are 100% customizable so you can incorporate your logo or website into the design or an eye-catching design.  No matter what design you choose for your distraction marker window film, one thing is for sure–you will beautifully brand your business and make it something people will never forget.

Distraction Markers Privacy

Glass walls may make for a beautiful aesthetic, but they are terrible when someone in your St. Louis commercial space needs privacy. Adding decorative distraction markers to your space becomes is not only safe and beautiful but also is a way to add privacy. The window film is 100% customizable with different types of functions and designs so distraction markers give you whatever level of privacy that you need without sacrificing natural light.

Get a Quote for Custom Distraction Markers From St. Louis Window Film

If your business needs something to catch the eye of customers, or you need a solution for making glass more apparent distraction marker films are perfect. They can be customized into any color and have a variety of designs that will fit with any style space! These distraction markers are easy to install and something we are very familiar with designing for customers of all types. Contact us today for more information and pricing on these amazing window films!