This summer St. Louis is already hot and the temperatures are rising fast. The only way you can beat this heat outside your home or apartment is by staying indoors! But even with an A/C blasting at full blast, it can be tough for a person living in St. Louis to stay cool even with the A/C on because of solar heat gain on windows.  That’s why installing window film to control the interior temperature of our homes might just be the perfect solution.

Stay Cool This Summer By Installing Window Film on Your St. Louis Home

Window film works two different ways to keep your St. Louis home cooler even on the hottest summer days.

Window Film Blocks Infrared Rays: Heat-reducing window film is an excellent way to keep a home cool and comfortable because it reflects infrared rays off your windows that would otherwise enter the house, causing excessive heat.  This not only makes your home more comfortable on a hot summer day–but lowers energy spending too.

Window Film Insulates Windows: A window film may just be a thin layer of protection but it a powerful insulator too.  Just like you have insulation in your walls–your windows need insulation to keep treated air inside.  Window films are not only good for keeping cool air inside, but they also have certain benefits like reducing glare on screens and blocking UV rays too.

San Antonio Window Tint For Home Temperature Control Window Films

St. Louis Window Film is a window film company that specializes in offering the most comprehensive selection of products for homeowners who want to make their windows more efficient. With brands like 3M, Llumar, and Enerlogic on our side, we can guarantee you know what you’re purchasing because these are some of the best companies in this industry. We have extensive knowledge about how different types of solar control films work along with being able to assure customers they will be getting high-quality service from us.  Contact us today for a free consultation.