Although window film is commonly known to stop extreme sunlight and save on energy bills in business locations, there are other unknown benefits that make investing in these films worthwhile. We have listed a few examples of how these films could improve the quality of your working environment below.

Casper Cloaking Film for Data Privacy in St. Louis

Casper Cloaking Films is a transparent film that may be used on almost any glass surface. Once applied to the glass, it blocks LED and LCD displays from view. Screens will look like black boxes to passers-by, and they won’t display any of the information on them. This makes Casper Cloaking Film an excellent solution for preserving data privacy for screens in departments such as Human Resources or Accounting. It’s also a good fit for meeting rooms with glass walls. It prevents important or sensitive information on screens from being viewed by those passing by in this scenario.

Whiteboard Film for Modular Communication in St. Louis

3M Whiteboard Films are an affordable way to turn any smooth, flat surface into a dry-erase board. This type of film is ideal for schools, corporate conference rooms, and other commercial locations because it can be applied to walls, saving space. It can also be easily changed out when it is worn out.

Birdstrike Film for Saving St. Louis Birds

Birds are unable to differentiate the reflection on windows from the clear sky. This is why they fly into windows inadvertently. Bird strikes like these occur billions of times a year and have an impact on some bird populations. Fritted film is a form of window film that causes collisions to be prevented by providing tiny patterns in lines or dots within it. The pattern attracts birds, causing them to avoid flying into the window. Not only does this prevent the death of the bird, but it also saves money on window repairs for buildings that are frequently hit by birds.

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